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Sector 36, Gurugram

Signature Global SCO 36


A novel real estate idea, Signature Global SCO Plot 36 (Shopping Cum Office) offers space for shops and offices.An ideal fusion of distinctively designed offices and retail stores located in Gurugram’s Sohna South sector 36. This 5.21-acre property in Sohna consists of commercial plots. According to the Haryana government’s Commercial Plotted Colony Policy, these commercial plots are made up of low-rise commercial buildings that can have several stories and be used as shops or offices. It offers the ideal setting for starting and growing a business. This Sanha business property offers top-notch facilities and chances for clients to receive a great return on investment.

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Location Advantages

Situated on Sohna Road, which will shortly form a portion of a future elevated 6-lane highway.

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